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You can choose how to make your application based on how you prefer to communicate. You can:

Type your answers

If you submit a written application

Submit a voice note

If you submit your application as a voice note …

The choice is yours.

Whichever format you choose, be clear, focused, and concise in your responses! Make sure to provide enough information that someone who doesn't know your project understands what you're trying to do.

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Be sure to check out our How to Apply video for more information about the formats you can apply in and what information to include.

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Got a question about Access Folk Small Project Grants? Our FAQs are a great place to start finding answers.

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Submit your application.

What's involved? 

Download the Call for Access Folk Small Project Applications, learn about your role in action research, and find out if your project fits the criteria for funding.

Am I ready? 

Take a short quiz that asks you questions about your project. It will help you think about your proposal and whether you’re ready to apply.

Other resources.

Access podcasts and reports about the current state of folk singing in England, and other resources that can help inform your application.

Accepting your funding.

Get information on how to accept your funding, download project documents, and preview our agreements.