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Fay Hield on Access Folk and the Folk Singing Symposium

Fay Hield and several other artists talk about Women and Folk Music.

Angeline Morrison, Kevin Le Gendre and Fay Hield discuss the overlooked black history in English folk music. 

Fay Hield debating the big issues like “what is folk music?” and “why does it matter?”

Angeline Morrison and Fay Hield talk about diversity in folk arts.

Access Folk gets a mention in the Folk Focus section of Songlines Magazine...

Ask a Friend gets a shout-out in Folk London magazine.

Tradfolk introduce Access Folk.

Access Folk featured in Folklife Traditions Journal

Folk traditions are back, with bells on...

Gen Z and millennials' interest in folklore

Newsletter May 2022

Hello and Welcome to Access Folk...

Newsletter September 2022

Ask A Friend, an update on our consulting groups; a special report on conducting participatory research; the themes for our Autumn Reading Group; and an introduction to our board members.