Folk Singing Symposium

University of Sheffield 24-25 February 2023 

We're excited to share some of the posters and presentations from our Folk Singing Symposium. As we receive permission from delegates we hope to fill this page for everyone who wants to look back on the Symposium & those who couldn't attend.


Session 2Bb - Hawitt Rowan - Folk Singing Symposium Powerpoint.pptx
Session 5Aa - Mansfield Paul - Willing to Sing.pptx


Session 1Aa - Miller Hugh - Presentation.pptx
Session 1Ab - Butler Chris & Morag -Running a folk venue.pptx
Session 1Ac - Richardson Eileen - Presentation.odp
Session 1Ad - Phillips Tony - Access Folk Rolling On Feb22.pptx


Ask a Friend - Poster FINAL.pdf
Hield Fay- Poster FINAL.pdf
Hurr Alexandre - Poster FINAL.pdf
Bennett Elizabeth - Poster FINAL.pdf
Sheppard Liz - Poster FINAL.pdf