Accepting Our Funding

Welcome aboard!

If your project is selected, we’ll get in touch with you to finalise the terms of our collaboration. That means we will:

Ethical review and consent

Access Folk Small Project Grants are part of a larger research project that is supported by UKRI through the Future Leaders Fellowship scheme and based at the University of Sheffield. This research has been reviewed and approved via the University of Sheffield’s Ethics Review Procedure as administered by the Department of Music. 

Before you decide to work with us, it is important for you to understand: 

Consent to participating in this research must be given before projects are confirmed.

Collaboration agreement

If your project is selected, you'll receive a collaboration agreement that outlines our commitment and responsibilities to each other. 

Commitment to share our values

A non-negotiable condition of our funding is making a commitment to share the values that define our approach to research and working with partners. 

These values are:

If you have concerns about your capacity to embody these values, please contact us to discuss.

Commitment to Shared Values.pdf

Other resources to support you

Support if your project is not funded.

Get information about what to do if your project isn't funded in the first round.

Support if your project is funded.

Are you new to planning events? Unsure about how to reach new participants? Find resources to help you plan.

Project check ins

Get information about reporting requirements and one-to-one check ins.