Who We Are

Fay Hield

Fay is the lead researcher on the project. She has a history of folk music research in a range of settings from community groups to commercial CD audiences. Alongside research, Fay performs folk music internationally. She is also the Founding Director of Soundpost, a community music organisation in Sheffield.

Esbjörn Wettermark

Esbjörn is a research associate on the project. He has a background in ethnomusicology and worked on issues relating to cultural sustainability and policy as well as music education. In addition to research, he has worked in arts management in England and Sweden. He is also a musician and occasional morris dancer.

Helen Grindley

Helen is the project manager for the project. She has extensive experience working on and supporting different types of projects within a University setting, including working with external suppliers and contractors. She has been a choral singer for many years and sings with two choirs in Sheffield, for whom she also acts as treasurer.

Access Folk Board:

We have 13 Board Members. Members are updated annually and if you feel you have experience and ideas to contribute as a Folk Access Board member, please get in touch through the Contact page.

Katy Spicer - Chief Executive, English Folk Dance & Song Society

Liz Sheppard - Ethnomusicologist

Oliver Mantell - Director of Evidence & Insight, The Audience Agency

Hazel Marsh - Associate Professor, University of East Anglia

Tom Besford -
Chief Executive, English Folk Expo

Cat McGill – Head of Programme Development & Delivery, Drake Music

Tony Phillips - Musician and Rolling On Project

PRiM - Participatory Research in Music

Behind the scenes of Access Folk, Esbjörn has been working with five different organisations in the English folk scene to co-write a report on conducting participatory research in music. Participatory research is an approach to research that attempts to create equal relationships between everyone involved in the research project and avoid old division between researchers and the people being researched. The report will help both academics and people working in the music industry to find ways of working together and give examples on what to avoid and what to think about to develop new research together. The final report will be published and shared in October.

The people and organisations involved in the report are:

Sue Whitehead & Nygel Packett
The Goose Is Out

Esbjörn Wettermark
University of Sheffield

Amy Wilson
Wren Music

Fay Hield

Who are you?

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