Support If Your Project Is Not Funded

Try again!

Sometimes good ideas need time to develop. 

That’s why we provide feedback on each application we receive. If you applied for the 22 January or 29 March deadline, we encourage you to think carefully about the feedback, ask us questions, update your application, and reapply.

If we think that your project might be a better fit for a different funding scheme, we’ll also share that feedback with you.

What's next?

Ask us questions! 

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Review our criteria

Download the Call for Access Folk Small Project Applications, learn about your role in action research, and find out if your project fits the criteria for funding.

Other resources

Access podcasts and reports about the current state of folk singing in England, and other resources that can help inform your application.


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Accepting your funding

Get information on how to accept your funding, download project documents, and preview our agreements.